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Dal Cin was born exactly 75 years ago in Milan, inaugurating the industrial sector of oenological products in Italy. Founded by Gildo Dal Cin and now led by Chairman Marzio Dal Cin, the company boasts a solid family tradition that has marked the history of modern oenology thanks to numerous patents and innovations. Among the most recent are pioneering studies in biotechnology, the introduction to the world of the first specific granular coadjuvants for oenology with the revolutionary miniTubes™ technology ("microchannel" production process), and the in-depth studies on longevity, resulting in the development of various solutions for wine stability issues, including the "light struck taste". The company has also focused on researching solutions for the prevention and treatment of reduction in sparkling wines, developing specific coadjuvants suitable for this purpose. Combining experience and innovation, Dal Cin is now one of the few players in the industry to be actively involved in both the commercialization to end users of its products and their production, which takes place in two plants in Concorezzo (MB) and Foggia.

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