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Founded in Bordeaux in 1895, LAFFORT is today a world leader in the field of biotechnologies and special oenological adjuvants. From its inception to the present day, it has remained constantly young, dynamic and proactive thanks to its ever-close link with the world of research, which has enabled it to play an active part in the main evolutionary stages of oenological science. Its strengths and points of pride are: assiduous collaboration with the university sphere closely connected with his own research structure, the centuries-old ‘savoir faire’ nourished by the living and daily contact with the world of production, the strict professionalism rooted in a conscious family tradition. Today, it continues in this mission convinced that only the observation of the diversity and complexity of nature can enable us to imagine and design the oenology of the future. An oenology inspired by the balance of nature, precise, responsible and eco-sustainable.

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