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Techniques for adapting winegrowing to climate change: the example of Franciacorta

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Agronomic techniques for adapting winegrowing to climate change must enable the style of wine that each region has defined over time and that consumers recognise and appreciate to be maintained. This need for targeted action is linked to the fact that in each region the effects of climate change are specific, as they are for each type of wine. It is for these reasons that a wide-ranging investigation into different techniques for adapting to the climate has been undertaken in Franciacorta. In particular, different foliage management methods are being evaluated, the use of anti-hail nets to shade the vines, precision irrigation methods that condition the microclimate, new rootstocks and trellising methods. The results gathered so far show how these solutions express different abilities to adapt the crop to these new conditions. In particular, precision irrigation systems that condition the microclimate and new-generation rootstocks have shown greater effectiveness in mitigating the effects of climate change, enabling the typical character of production to be maintained.

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