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It was born at the end of the 1980s out of a desire to give shape to a thought that would pay homage to femininity; seeking elegance, freshness of aroma and fineness of perlage through an ancient production technique and using the class that characterises the best exposed vineyards of Chardonnay (min. 50%) and Pinot Blanc; preserving and refining its flavour and decisive character in the silence of the cellars for at least 24 months; yielding a product with a pressure less than or equal to 5 atm and a sugar content not exceeding 12 g/litre, i.e. only in the brut flavour type. Today, after years of research and study, Satèn has a unique identity card in the Italian and world panorama. It has abundant and creamy mousse, a straw-yellow colour with light golden reflections, very fine and persistent perlage; an intense, persuasive, complex bouquet of peach blossom, honey and hazelnuts, of great gentleness and grace. The flavour is fresh, inviting and assertive. The best expression of a magical balance between our land, the vineyard, the sun and man; Franciacorta's heritage.

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