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New insights of adaptation to the second alcoholic fermentation conditions, from pH resistance genetics variability to practical application of the nitrogen nutrition

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The results of this work were obtained as part of Maria di Raga's doctoral thesis conducted under the supervision of Alberto Mas (University of Tarragona) and Philippe Marullo (University of Bordeaux). The impact of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain on the kinetics of second fermentation was studied. An important genetic variability was highlighted, the molecular basis of which was partially clarified. Oenological practices capable of influencing the kinetics of second fermentation were also considered. It was shown that the mode of nitrogen nutrition and temperature can significantly influence fermentation kinetics. A negative relationship was clearly established between this and the level of yeast growth in the pied de cuve, as well as the improved response of the yeast to nitrogen in organic form.

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