Sparkling Wine Forum

Sparkling Wine Forum: an event dedicated to onnovation in the sparkling wine production chain

The Sparkling Wine Forum will be held on 15 December in the heart of the Champagne region, in one of the most important venues dedicated to innovation, the Village by CA in Reims-Bezannes. This important event aims to link the field of research with that of economic development and innovation at all levels of the sparkling wine industry value chain.

The Sparkling Wine Forum aims to address the current concerns of the sparkling wine industry. This year’s event will focus on the global theme “How can sparkling wines cope with climate change?” and will feature several lectures and targeted presentations by researchers from Champagne and other sparkling wine vineyards in France and abroad. The issues related to sparkling wines are particularly important, as is the threat posed by global warming to the preservation of acidity and freshness, often sought after in these wines.

Echoing these speeches, companies in the sparkling wine sector will take turns to present their research and development strategies and illustrate concrete examples of innovative products or services.

These presentations will highlight the entire value chain of the sparkling wine industry: from viticulture and the environment to oenology, marketing and consumer expectations.

Making Champagne the world epicentre of effervescence

This event is part of the strategy pursued by EFFEVENT, which also organises the VITeff fair, to position Champagne as an international crossroads of know-how and excellence for the entire sparkling wine sector. The aim is to bring together innovations developed around the world at the service of industry and to share them with the various players in the local Champagne fabric.

Beyond this first edition, the international spirit of the Sparkling Wine Forum will establish itself with the organisation of future editions according to a principle of alternation between France and the other host countries, the main producers of sparkling wines.

250 people are expected at the first edition of a professional event that is destined to grow from year to year: sparkling wine producers, sector companies, oenologists, designers, trade press, etc.

All speeches will be translated into English or French and filmed so that they can be accessed by subscription via the website. This system will make it possible to optimally disseminate interventions to the maximum number of players in the international sparkling wine industry.

A Franco-Italian tandem: an event conceived by EFFEVENT and developed in partnership with VINIDEA 

The ‘Sparkling Wine Forum’ is an event created at the initiative of EFFEVENT, a company renowned for its expertise in promoting sparkling wine technology know-how, as Cyril EGOROFF, director of EFFEVENT, recalls: 
« We already produce VITeff, the leading trade fair for the technical sparkling wine sector, which welcomed more than 350 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors in 2021. In addition to this, EFFEVENT’s ambition is to provide a comprehensive offer that responds to the needs of the sparkling wine industry through the sharing of reference content and the organisation of targeted events that bring the research and innovation community closer to companies in the sparkling wine sector. »

In order to fulfil this ambition, EFFEVENT intends to develop close links with key players in the sector, both in France and internationally. With this in mind, EFFEVENT has partnered with the Italian company VINIDEA to realise the first edition of the « Sparkling Wine Forum ».

VINIDEA is an expert in technical wine information through its Internet magazine, translated into 6 languages. Over the past 20 years, VINIDEA has demonstrated its ability to mobilise a network of 5,000 professionals and researchers worldwide, as well as several companies in the wine industry, for conferences and symposia such as « Enoforum ».

As Giuliano BONI, VINIDEA Training Manager, explains, « The sparkling wine market is growing exponentially and will account for 22% of all wine exports in value terms by 2021. In this context, we felt it was important to participate in an event dedicated to the sparkling wine sector for the first time. Our task will be to mobilise our international network and to convey the contents of the Sparkling Wine Forum to a large global audience through our various communication vectors. »