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Perdomini-IOC S.p.A., based near Verona, is part of the IOC-Institut Oenologique De Champagne Group, founded in 1890 in the heart of Champagne, a leader in the production and sale of enological products and services in Italy and worldwide, with offices in Italy, France, and Spain. From harvesting to bottling, Perdomini-IOC supports all stages of winemaking: - Produces and markets a wide range of enological products: yeasts, fermentation activators, protectants, stabilizers, clarifiers, tannins, and wood alternatives. - Produces a complete range of detergents and sanitizers for cellars - Markets elements and filtration systems for tangential and final filtration - Supports the customer in choices and usage protocols - Analyzes wines in its internal laboratory during various stages of winemaking to suggest the most suitable products and applications for a specific enological objective - Constantly studies new products and applications to improve wine quality, reduce environmental impact, and limit the use of chemicals. This commitment is evidenced by numerous certifications obtained over the years. The company's strength lies in its state-of-the-art internal production facility, which allows for flexible management of each customer's specific needs. The support of 13 specialized laboratoriesprovides wineries with excellent technical service at every stage of processing, and with a team of over 50 specialized oenologists, Perdomini-IOC boasts an international enological presence. The story of Perdomini-IOC is written daily through the dedication to research and innovation of oenologists, biotechnologists, agronomists, engineers, product experts, technicians, and highly specialized production staff, with the intention of being a partner in achieving every enological objective.

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