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After a long underground journey among eternal glaciers, Surgiva springs in an uncontaminated environment. In fact, it is born in the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park in Trentino. The Park is the guardian of Surgiva's purity, a purity entrusted to the glass of its bottles. As a matter of fact, Surgiva has always reached the best restaurants only in glass, for the most part in returnable bottles. A choice that safeguards quality and is consistent with the Lunelli Group's attention to the environment, of which Surgiva is a part. Surgiva's spring is located at high altitude and the granite rock in which it flows is the source of its lightness. Surgiva is the only water that can boast the Adamello Brenta Natural Park mark and for years has been involved in various Park projects to safeguard the inestimable natural heritage of these mountains, the soul of the truest Trentino.