Sparkling Wine Forum

the program of the 2nd edition unveiled and enriched for Italy

The 2nd edition of the international symposium Sparkling Wine Forum, organized by the Champagne company EFFEVENT, will take place in Brescia (near Milan, Italy) on June 17 and 18, 2024. This annual event, held under the patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), brings together leading researchers from the main sparkling wine-producing countries as well as companies in the sector around conferences and technical masterclasses to promote the latest innovations and propose new solutions to tomorrow's challenges:

Sparkling Wine Forum 2024

New consumer expectations

Representatives of Italian oenologists, wine merchants and sommeliers will provide keys to understanding the evolution of purchasing and consumption behaviour for sparkling wines in Italy. Winetech will also host a round table on the latest innovations from French startups to meet the new expectations of sparkling wine consumers.


Other speakers are scheduled, for example on the causes, prevention and treatment of the reduction of sparkling wines or the Moët Hennessy group, which will present the results of studies recently carried out at their research center located in Champagne.

> What's new in the second edition


For its second edition, Sparkling Wine Forum is enriching its offer with the addition of tasting masterclasses.

Participants will be able to taste several sparkling wines from new processes applied to viticulture and oenology.

Companies in the sector will also present their latest innovations in oenological products. 

A free tasting area

In addition to conferences and masterclasses, a continuous free tasting area will allow you to taste a selection of sparkling wines of various origins and production techniques, in the presence of representatives of Italian oenologists, wine merchants and sommeliers.