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Sparkling wines and effervescence: impact of different molecules on foam quality

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Froth is a fundamental element in the qualitative evaluation of a sparkling wine as it influences the pleasantness, drinkability and aromatic perception of the wine itself. For this reason, it is very important to understand which factors positively and negatively influence the so-called ‘frothiness’. Through a study, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Oenology of the University of Padua, an attempt was made to answer these two questions on the subject: - Is it possible to identify objective parameters to carry out preventive analyses on frothiness, starting from the basics? - What is the impact of bentonite on the bubble quality and shelf-life of Metodo Classico wines? In this lecture, we will present the results of research into the effects of different molecules and products on the quality of the bubble. We will also present a latest-generation Adjuvant, completely free of mineral colloids, designed specifically to meet the needs of Metodo Classico wines.

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